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Have an idea, just picked up a pen, or you've finally finished? We're here to help with ALL of your publishing needs!​


We're a progressive publishing company that supports Indie authors through the process of self-publishing.

Whatever your need is, we can assist you from start to finish.
Strong Start, Magical Ending

Starting the writing process can be one of the hardest steps to take.  You might have an idea and don't know where to start.  We can help you shape your idea by providing author support.  Let us round out your story, develop your characters, strengthen your plot and/or complete a storyline.  After all, your idea is the beginning of creating something magical.


Writer's Block is Real​

Now that you have a strong idea, what's next?  The next step is to ACTUALLY write your manuscript.  You may have the best idea, but lack the ability to complete an entire book.  Maybe you've started your manuscript, but hit a roadblock or simply can't find the time to finish.  One of our expert writers can step in and WRITE for you.  Frequent revisions to your manuscript will occur with your input to ensure your personal touch is included throughout the manuscript. 


Make it Perfect

An editorial assessment is the first step to fine tuning your manuscript.  Assessing your manuscript will give you insight on how to perfect it.  The results of the assessment may lead to content and/or line editing and lets us know exactly how to tailor your manuscript to a perfect fit for your target audience.


Let the World Know​

It's time to let the world know, but don't do it in an ordinary way!  Be strategic.  Be creative.  Be bold.  Let's collaborate to create the perfect marketing strategies and branding solutions for your project.


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